How to eat 3000 calories a day

How to eat 3000 calories a day.
How to eat 3000 calories a day.

Much has been said on how to eat 3000 calories a day, and how beneficial it is to the body. Many people ask if 3000 calories will lead to excess weight gain or if it will result in a healthier body. We have all the answers and explanations to your questions and a few sample meals that you can take each day for your daily 3000 calories intake.


What is the average calorie intake of an adult?

Different people have different daily calorie intake according to their age, gender, weight, height, and even their day-to-day activities. For example, an adult male requires about 2500 calories while an adult female requires about 2000 calories each day. An active male child would require about 1800 calories while a female child would require about 1600. An adult male weighing 80kg should consume about 2300 calories for weight loss or 3200 calories to build muscles. While the daily caloric intake varies with all the factors mentioned above, the average daily calorie intake for an adult varies from 2000 – 2500.

What is the calorific requirement for different people?

There is no one-fits-all when it comes to daily calorie intake, everyone has their recommended intake according to several factors, including age, gender, weight, height, and day-to-day activities. You can calculate the recommended calories per day that you should take by simply multiplying your weight in kg by 29 if you want to lose weight, or by 40 if you want to gain muscles.

Some of the estimated calorific intakes for different people are:

Gender Age (years) Estimated daily calorie intake
Child 2-3 1000-1400
Female 4-8












Male 4-8













Importance of eating 3000 calories a day

How to eat 3000 calories a day
How to eat 3000 calories a day

As 3000 calories a day are well above the recommended daily levels, they are good for those who want to gain weight or increase muscle mass. To gain weight, you should eat more than the body burns so that the excess energy is stored. You have to create a calorie surplus for you to gain weight. To gain a pound, you would have to take an extra 3500 calories above your recommended intake. If you, therefore, want to gain a pound in a week, you would have to take an extra 3500 calories in that week, which translates to an extra 500 pounds every day. If you add the 500 extra calories to the average daily calorie consumption of an adult, you end up with about 3000 calories per day.

For those who want to gain muscle, you should engage in strength training in addition to eating 3000 calories every day. This is because if you don’t exercise regularly, the extra calories will be stored as fat instead of building your muscles, leading to extra weight that you may not have wanted.

How do the top three macronutrients contribute to your daily calorie intake?

Knowing the calorie content of each of the three main macronutrients that are part of our meals every day (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) makes the process of knowing what meals to eat each day much easier. This is beneficial as you can learn how to balance each meal between the three macronutrients to hit your calorie target while ensuring you don’t eliminate one macronutrient from your diet.


How to eat 3000 calories a day: Protein
How to eat 3000 calories a day: Protein

Each gram of protein contains four calories. Protein, primarily found in meat and dairy products, is majorly associated with muscle building, though it is a core component of body organs, bones, enzymes, hair, and other tissues in the body.

Proteins are made of amino acids, and the body makes most of the amino acids on its own. There are some, however, that are essential for the body that it can’t make. These, known as essential amino acids, are found in all meat sources. Vegans can find them in legumes and grains, though they have to consume a large variety in order to get all the essential amino acids.


How to eat 3000 calories a day: Cab
How to eat 3000 calories a day: Cab

Each gram of carbohydrate contains four calories. While the body can survive without carbohydrates, eliminating them from your diet would be harmful to you, as it is the body’s most easily accessible source of energy. This is broken up into glycogen to be used by your muscles and liver, and glucose to be used by your brain.





How to eat 3000 calories a day: Fats
How to eat 3000 calories a day: Fats

Each gram of fat contains nine calories. While fat is the most calorie-dense nutrient (therefore has a not-so-good reputation among many fitness enthusiasts), it is important for body functions such as insulation for nerves and skin, for hair health, and as the backbone to important hormones.

How can you divide your calorie intake between the three macronutrients?

There are several ways you can use to divide your daily calorie intake, but these two are the most common:

  • After calculating your daily calorie recommendation (there are several tools online that calculate for you), allocate the recommended amount to the macronutrients according to the ratio 40:40:20 (40% to proteins, 40% to carbohydrates, and the remaining 20% to fats.) You can then calculate the grams of each macronutrient to eat according to the amount of calories present in each gram.
  • Consume 1g of fat and 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight, and fill the remainder of the recommended calorie intake (you can calculate using an online tool) with carbohydrates.

What are some of the most common foods and their calorie content?

Below is a list comprising of some of the most common foods we consume, and their calorie content. This table can help you calculate the amount of a given food that you should consume.

Food Amount Calories
Lean roast beef 100g 188
Cooked minced beef 75g 214
Fillet steak 100g 150
Fried noodles 100g 153
Long grain brown rice 100g 364
Coleslaw 100g 158
Raw carrot 150g 41
Spring onions 28g 7
Boiled potatoes 120g 86
Cabbage 100g 21
Mashed potatoes 200g 197
Sugar snap peas 28g 10


What is the relationship between calorie intake and weight change?

Most adults will gain weight if they eat 3000 calories or more if they are underweight or want to increase lean muscle mass. For active adult men (19-35 years) however, 3000 calories are just enough to maintain their current healthy body weight.

How to eat 3000 calories a day

     * Sample diets to provide 3000 calories.

Example 1


Example 2




·      Two slices of whole-grain bread with peanut butter (a teaspoon)

·      1 cup of yogurt

·      Two eggs

·      ½ cup oatmeal

·      1 cup fresh strawberries


Meal 1


·      2 whole eggs and 5 egg whites

·      1 bagel

·      Cream cheese


Mid-morning snack


·      1 ounce almonds

·      1 cup fresh blueberries




Meal 2


·      1 banana

·      1 oz almonds

·      8 oz cottage cheese




·      3 ounces grilled chicken breast

·      2 tablespoons Italian salad dressing

·      1 cup brown rice


Meal 3


·      2 chicken breasts

·      1 cup brown rice

·      1 sweet potato


Afternoon snack


·      1 cup low-sodium vegetable juice

·      3 ounces reduced-fat cheese

·      ¼ cup raisins

10 whole-grain crackers

Meal 4


·      10 oz almond milk

·      1 banana

·      1 tablespoon peanut butter

2 scoops whey protein



·      3 ounces grilled salmon

·      1 cup steamed broccoli

·      1 cup whole-grain pasta


Meal 5


·      6 oz grilled salmon

·      3 red potatoes

·      1 cup green beans



·      3 cups popcorn

·      1 ounce peanuts

·      1 cup kefir milk


Meal 6


·      2 scoops whey protein

·      8 oz almond milk

·      1 tablespoon whey protein



You should try to eat whole foods such as fresh meat, fish, vegetables, and nuts, as much as you can, since they are very nutrient-rich. Add fiber-rich foods to your diet, as you need about 25-30g of fiber each day for a healthy digestive system. You can choose to eat the fiber without calculating its calories or add it to your fat and carbohydrates quota by taking foods such as nuts and broccoli respectively.

There is no set number of meals that you can take in a day; you simply divide your meals into a number that works for you.


Eating 3000 calories is beneficial to the body, especially for those looking to add weight. Ensure that you do not ignore one macronutrient; you should include all in your diet when calculating your 3000 calories. You also shouldn’t ignore fruits and vegetables, as they are important for a balanced diet.

By watching your diet and calculating the calories in each meal, it is possible to attain 3000 calories daily. Planning and preparing your meals beforehand makes the process easier, and with a little bit of discipline (eating set amounts of food at given times), gaining weight or lean muscle mass will seem like an easy task.


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